Land drainage pipes KORUDRAIN are the pipes with high mechanical and chemical resistance. Korudrain is made from polyethylene. This material have excellent characteristics, guarantee a high level of robustness. Pipes can be easily apply during a wide temperature. Corrugated structure makes the high flexibility of the pipes allowing even narrow bendings that brings considerable advantages when the pipes are laid.

The land drainage pipes are supplied in 50m coils, various colours. Standard colour of the pipes is black. Other lengths and colours are available on request. Location, form and perforation size uniform on periphery of the pipe guarantee low resistance during absorption of water.

Korudrain is produced in standard diameters: DN 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 160 and 200mm. Except land drainage perforated pipes we also produce solid single wall pipes.

Solid pipes are using as protection pipe for conductors, installing chambers for house connection etc.

Accessories: coupler, cap, bends - 90o, 45o, junction 45o, junction 90o, adaptors, outflow etc.

We offer as an accessories drainage control chambers DN 300, according to DIN 4095. These are conceived for unpretentious appending to drainage system. 

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AGROSIL controller

Drainage shaft ACO Flex-Control PE DN300

Cast iron grate DN 315