Article I.


  1. These “General Terms of Delivery” (hereinafter called “terms”) are considered to form an integral part of any purchase agreement upon which Böhm - extruplast sells goods (hereinafter called “relevant contract” and “seller”, respectively).
  2. Party-to-party relationships are provided for by the Act no. 513/1991 of the Collection, unless otherwise stated in the general commercial terms and general terms of delivery.
  3. If the parties exchange information that is considered confidential, the party that has received the information must not divulge it to a third party or use it for his benefit in breach of its original purpose, whether or not a contract has been made. The party to breach this duty is obliged to compensate the other party for inflicted damages.
  4. Each relevant contract becomes a binding document when the seller has notified the buyer of accepting the latter’s order (including the term of delivery, means of transportation and packing and related costs, insurance and others). Based on the order, the seller performs his obligations directly to the buyer.

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